not guilty pleasures

not guilty pleasures

Authentic travel concepts from Italy that enlighten and indulge travelers while uplifting and empowering the communities and people that host them.

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Food & Wine Workouts

An epicurean adventure not for the culinary light-hearted. Enjoy a dynamic journey into the traditions and culture of Italian cuisine. Mix with friendly locals, indulge in incredible food and wine and engage in just enough physical activity to make you feel great about wining and dining so much.

Bucket List Experiences

Discover a unique and eclectic mix of timeless Italy and contemporary cuisine, where a renowned Italian chef guides and indulges you through a hidden corner of Italy, while local families delight and entertain you as their guest of honor.

Bespoke Travel

We design bespoke travel journeys across Italy with meaningful, noble, and enjoyable experiences, where you can connect with locals and expand your culinary universe while vitalizing the communities and people that host you.

Who we are

The Genuine Experience is your doorway
to Italy at its best—authentic, genuine and wonderful.

We co-create travel experiences with locals and deliver them with intensity and style, taking travelers on a journey through genuine Italian culture and cuisine.

Our experiences are designed to empower and uplift the communities and people that host our travelers.


“Whenever I plan a trip to Italy the first persons I call are not my travel agent, not my children nor my chefs, they are Livio and Kathrin. They are so in tune with the very heart and soul of Italy, that they are essential. In the past years, they have taken my friends and I both to temples of gastronomy and to little farms where true artists work. Livio and Kathrin are smart, charming, and not “know it all” characters at all. They ask you questions, which are vital on a trip, and make sure all runs smooth and in the way you want to experience it. And to top it all they are such truly good-hearted persons.”

Nancy Silverton, Los Angeles, California.

Enjoy the (not) guilty pleasures of travel.
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