Bespoke Sustainable Travel

Meaningful and luxury journeys through Italy that positively impact communities your way.

We’ve made bespoke luxury travel in Italy play a pivotal role in empowering communities, preserving culture, and conserving the environment.

It’s all part of our belief in sustainable and ethical travel.

You can also play a role in sustainability while enjoying a personalized, authentic luxury travel experience in one of the world’s most revered destinations.

We like to think of it as not guilty pleasures.

We craft compelling bespoke itineraries born from the long and rich knowledge of our founders, Kathrin and Livio.

Together with us you’ll meet world-renowned wine producers, dine on tables with fine local food prepared by masters of Italian cuisine both traditional and contemporary, and stay in boutique lodgings of sophisticated design and comfort.

You’ll discover places of astonishing natural beauty, walk in towns where Italian life is at its most pure, and unlock hidden gems of historical and cultural importance.

Some Destinations

Live genuine experiences in Italy in places well-known and those on the roads less traveled.

Your Travel Insiders


“For me meaningful and enriching travel occurs when bringing together your passion for life with the true soul of a place.”


“I’m deeply passionate about quality, artisanal food and wine that celebrates the diversity, humanity and heritage of Italian cuisine.”

“For the past 12 years Livio has done fabulous work selecting food products and master artisans for the needs of my outlets in the Upper East Side. On top of reviving my business in NY he has guided most of my wine research tours and, together with Kathrin, he has planned some amazing trips to Italy for both myself and some of my dearest friends”

Eli Zabar, New York, NY.

Enjoy Italy on a personalized, exclusive, luxury travel experience and make an impact towards a sustainable future.