Bucket List Experiences

Bucket List Experiences

Immerse yourself in a hidden corner of Italy where you can savor the simple beauty and poetry of the timeless Italian lifestyle with our Bucket List Experience.

This is a journey where an extended family or an entire village will welcome you with a warm embrace as their guest of honor. With an open heart, they will treat you to an experience that is enchanting, stimulating, great fun, and unabashedly romantic.

Why our Bucket List Experiences

Each Bucket List Experience is meticulously crafted together with local families to introduce you to something both absolutely genuine and deeply compelling.

E ach experience features a renowned Italian Chef who will guide you through a universe of culinary traditions and complexities—a behind-the-scenes look at the culture that makes cuisine in Italy so great.

You’ll witness a spectacle as the star Chef spars with local cooks, the antithesis of unpretentious home cooking, and no matter the outcome, you’ll relish on some exquisite Italian cuisine.

At its very heart, each experience is designed to give you the chance to make a difference to the community you visit. In return, you may just receive the experience of a lifetime, creating memories and emotions that you can cherish forever.

The Bucket List Experience is about letting yourself be carried away by the warmth of the local people, the incredible cuisine, the pleasures of wine, the breathtaking landscapes—the way it can only happen in Italy.

Discover our Bucket List Experiences

The Truffle Hunter’s Heritage

Umbria, Italy

Join a mountain village on a three-day exclusive discovery of Black Truffle culture and cuisine. Be entertained by a renowned Chef and indulged by the locals.


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