The Truffle Hunter’s Heritage

Pettino, Umbria, Italy

Visit the hideaway mountain village of Pettino on a three-day exclusive discovery of black truffle culture and cuisine with a renowned Italian chef as your guide. You will be welcomed as the guest of honor, pampered by the locals, and entertained by the charismatic chef.

The Chef

A renowned Italian chef will introduce you to this incredible corner of Italy, and guide you on a journey into a place alive with tradition, culture and cuisine. You will be entertained and indulged, while experiencing amazing food, wine and unforgettable camaraderie.

The chef will also immerse you into the marvelous world of Italian truffles, where you will learn and discover the secrets of this fascinating food and experience unforgettable truffle dishes prepared by the chef himself.


A small, off-the-beaten-path village in Umbria—in the heart of Italy. A place not so much lost in time, but steeped in timelessness. A place where you can breathe the air of ancient times, of enduring natural beauty, with history and heritage revealing itself at every corner, in every nook and cranny.

The People—Since 1486

The people who live here have been custodians of this land for time immemorial and owners since the year 1486. The village is also uniquely, amazingly one big, extended family. They carry on a life immersed in the traditions, vocations and pastimes handed down through the ages. Truffle hunting, shepherding, cheese making, pasta making… a place where the pace of life is natural and in tune with the four seasons.

Proud. Generous. Hospitable.

The people, this one village, this big family—are some of the most hospitable you may ever meet. They are proud and generous when it comes to sharing their traditions. They are open-hearted and thrive in good company and they are eager to treat you, their guest of honor, to an experience you can treasure and cherish. To give you memories and a deep sense of connection that they hope will linger on through time.

Quintessentially Italian

Your Pettino experience is about letting yourself be carried away in time, immersing yourself in and becoming part of a country way of life absolutely, quintessentially Italian.

The scenery, the setting, the locals—you will experience something genuine and real and discover the deeply touching and romantic nature of this place so laden with human warmth and a love of its natural setting.

The Black Truffles

In Pettino truffles are part of its heartbeat, its very soul. Truffles will be unleashed upon you, you will see, smell, eat and experience truffles like you could never have imagined. You will experience truffle hunting in breathtaking landscapes, a whole family of truffle hunting cousins to guide you, and just oh! so many truffle hunting dogs. And truffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, at your pleasure, a truffle journey through recipes and culinary secrets prepared by the very people who know them so intimately.

Cuisine—From farm to farm’s table

So much of the food in Pettino is produced on the village estate—from the farm to the farm’s table. Fresh truffles, wild boar, lamb from the flock, vegetables from the garden, hunted wild game, freshly picked porcini mushrooms, beef from the herd… and so much more. The cooking itself is also part of the experience and you will see first-hand the different styles and abilities of different local cooks.

Also accompanying you on the the Truffle Hunter’s Heritage bucket list experience will be a renowned Italian chef who will always be on-hand to add his own re-inventions of the local cuisine and battle with the local cooks.

Of course, too, the setting and scene of where you eat is so important and in Pettino you will find yourself at a table in some spots that will blow your mind—decidedly unexpected, brazenly picturesque and unashamedly, stunningly romantic.


Life in Pettino is healthy, active, stimulating. Nature, the elements and the outdoors dictate the rhythm of each day as the seasons come and go.

The Truffle Hunter’s Heritage experience will not be any different and you will explore and discover some magnificent scenery and uplifting landscapes. You will experience the beauty and pleasure of truffle hunting, the poetry and archaic peacefulness of shepherding, the deep feeling of well-being as you ride a mule into the mountains.

Just enough stimulating activity and exercise to make you look forward to and feel good about all that incredible food and wine that is always just around the corner.

Luxurious Lodgings

In the midst of a unique and genuine place like Pettino you will have your own private haven.

Your accommodation will be in the family’s luxurious lodge, and you will have it all to yourselves. Incredible design, comfort and all the mod-cons are yours to use as and when you please. It’s spacious yet intimate, terribly comfortable, with a tasteful design that does not overwhelm but creates a sense of wellness.

After a day experiencing the epicurean pleasures of Pettino, nothing beats a long, relaxing dip in your own big, private jacuzzi.

Uplifting for all

From one spectacular setting to another, one exquisite meal to the next, one stimulating situation to a place of profound peace, a glass of homemade wine to a bottle of Umbria’s best—the Truffle Hunter’s Heritage in Pettino is an exquisite journey. Something so different, so unique, that you never thought you would experience first-hand.

And you can feel good about treating yourself to something this special because at its very heart it has been created to benefit, uplift and empower the entire community.


Between April and
November each year.


3 nights and 4 days.
Inquire about our pricing.


Between April and
November each year.


3 nights and 4 days.
Inquire about our pricing.


Località Pettino
06042 Campello sul Clitunno PG

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